Best Animal Shelter in Chicago – the Anti-Cruelty Society

Maybe you never thought about it or just did not know it but senior cat adoption in Chicago can be free sometimes. The best free cat adoption in Chicago occurs almost daily  in shelter called  Anti-Cruelty Society conveniently located on Grant Avenue and LaSalle street. Many locals call this shelter the best cat adoption center in Illinois or best animal shelter in Chicago because they do not offer only cat adoption, but also dog adoption and many other small animals. They follow and promote “don’t shop, adopt”. The Anti-Cruelty Society has been helping animals for over 100 years and on average, it helps three to four cats to find a new home every day! A good way to think about cat adoption is that if you rescue a cat, you save nine lives. I mentioned that senior cat adoption in Chicago can be free sometimes, that is because of very generous donors who cover the expenses of the fees for senior cat adoptions and Anti-Cruelty Society can wave the fees for adopters. That way, these four legged seniors can find their new home little faster.


Meet sweet Romeo, one of the kitties available for adoption.



Rescue a cat, save nine lives!


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