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I made this video to promote rescuing animals rather than adoption because I believe that there is no reason to adopt and support breeding animal industry as long as there are abandoned animals on the streets and shelters.


Don’t shop, adopt!

Almost all of us love animals, but these days when we are always on the go and busy, it can be difficult to make that commitment and follow through with a pet adoption. For those busy people, that do not spend majority of the day at home, I recommend cat adoption over dog adoption. Cats are usually very independent and much easier to take care of than dogs.They typically need less attention and do no require such a big time commitment as dogs because cats simply do not need regular walks as they can do their needs in litter boxes or outside if they have the access to get there. In addition, cats food does not cost as much money as for any middle or big-sized dog.

Another advice I would like to share with those that have busy lifestyle and often spend 40 or more hours a week in the office is to go with senior cat adoption rather than getting a little kitten. First of all, if you rescue a cat, you can save nine lives. One does not have a chance to save nine lives that often, right? It is a wonderful and very rewarding feeling, but the main point why it is better to adopt and adopt senior cat or at least little older cat than kitten is because they are usually very good on their own, will let you sleep at night and should not have any accidents at home. On the other hand, little kittens might be waking you up at night by being noisy while playing around and they might have a few accidents before they learn where is the right place to go when they need to.

One of the best cat adoption center in Illinois is Anti-Cruelty Society, an animal shelter that our volunteers and many locals like to call the best animal shelter in Chicago because in case you do have that extra time and prefer dogs, there is a variety of dogs to choose from, too. There are even many other small animals, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, different types of birds and so on. That is why Anti-Cruelty Society is the right place to visit if you are considering any pet adoption.

Best Animal Shelter in Chicago – the Anti-Cruelty Society

Maybe you never thought about it or just did not know it but senior cat adoption in Chicago can be free sometimes. The best free cat adoption in Chicago occurs almost daily  in shelter called  Anti-Cruelty Society conveniently located on Grant Avenue and LaSalle street. Many locals call this shelter the best cat adoption center in Illinois or best animal shelter in Chicago because they do not offer only cat adoption, but also dog adoption and many other small animals. They follow and promote “don’t shop, adopt”. The Anti-Cruelty Society has been helping animals for over 100 years and on average, it helps three to four cats to find a new home every day! A good way to think about cat adoption is that if you rescue a cat, you save nine lives. I mentioned that senior cat adoption in Chicago can be free sometimes, that is because of very generous donors who cover the expenses of the fees for senior cat adoptions and Anti-Cruelty Society can wave the fees for adopters. That way, these four legged seniors can find their new home little faster.


Meet sweet Romeo, one of the kitties available for adoption.



Rescue a cat, save nine lives!

6 Tips for Creating Great Blog Post


The most crucial thing is to know who you are actually writing for – your target audience. It is essential because it helps you set the tone of your article, not every age category knows who The Pointer Sisters or The Eternal Flame are.


The key is to provide valuable content that you should have an expertise on or strong passion for. It is very unlikely you could create an interesting and engaging blog about something you know nothing about. But even when you are an expert in whatever area your blog is on, you have to be original and try to think outside of the box. Also, try to see your post in eyes of your target audience. If you were the reader, would you like the post? Ideally, would you share it on one of your social media platforms?


It is the same simple rule as in public speaking. If you are not able to gain the attention from the very beginning, you might not get a second chance during your interesting speech. Therefore, a focus must be on making your speech (blog’s post) captivating from the very start. Just like in speech, in your headlines and the first few sentences of the blog post, you can use quotes, statistics, provoking questions or go with good old story telling.


You should make every word, phrase and sentence count because internet users’ attention spans are shrinking. I could even observe this fact on myself while doing search for our class. If some articles seemed to lengthy and first few sentences were not captivating and seem to be getting anywhere, I moved to another site. If you want to be a successful blogger, you should always read your draft out loud.


Now, I am not talking about copying content from another blog, that is obvious! I am talking about originality. Your post need to be interesting and different than the others, because whatever topic you are writing about, there is already a post about it on the internet, for that reason, you need to focus on trying to find a new angle.


It is just as important as the introduction, if not more. You need to be able to summarize or tie all your ideas together so the whole article makes a sense to reader. Towards the very end, you can use a provoking question, restate your main point, persuade reader to care or even act.


I hope these basic tips will help you to create highly engaging blog post and mainly have lots of fun in the meantime!

Cat Care

I have had several cats over the course of my life but now, due to my traveling and other commitments I cannot have a kitty to look after. That is why I volunteer at animal shelter with Cat Adoptions and Cat Care. I also help there with other animals but because I spend a lot of time with dogs at my work, my main focus in the shelter is on cats’ care and their increasing adoption rate.

Porsche & Bentley

One of my longest dog care experience was with two amazing rescue doggies named just like the famous car brands – mix of Akita and Blue Heeler named Porsche and beautiful Mastiff called Bentley. I used to take care of these two wonderful doggies when I lived in Seattle, Washington. They stole a big part of my heart that will stay with the two of them in Seattle forever.